The Wistful and the Good is being serialized on Substack. One chapter is published each week on a Saturday. A commentary on that chapter follows on Monday. To help you keep track, or get caught up if you are just joining us, here is an index of the chapters and commentaries.

Chapters Commentaries
1 The Ship 1 Constructing an Anglo-Saxon Girlhood
2 The Unsuitable Child 2 The Meaning of Slavery in Anglo-Saxon England
3 Leif 3 Lindisfarne and the Discovery of the Vikings
4 Eric 4 An Integral World of Physical and Spiritual Properties
5 Lady of the Hall 5 Credibility, Reason, and Dragons in the Sky
6 The Peaceweaver 6 Evidence, Interpretation, and Romance
7 Tears and Song none
8 Thor
9 The Books
10 The Monk
11 Not a Gospel
12 The Rules of Trade
13 Angels and Valkyries
14 The Making of Ink
15 Blood and Vengeance
16 Granny
17 Drefan
18 First Kiss
19 Haystacks and Plowboys
20 The Price of Virginity
21 The Cusp of Womanhood
22 Promise and Pleasure
23 The Bonds of Hospitality
24 Dolts and Oafs
25 The Hedgehog and the Gannet
26 Slave and Cousin
27 Fear and Consolation
28 A Promise to Love
29 To Lie Among the Dunes
30 Better than me
31 The People Rule Themselves
32 A Walk in the Rain
33 Musical Chairs
34 Football on the Beach
35 Man to Man
36 Fire and Death
37 The Night Watch
38 Expiation
39 The Widening Sea