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We cannot separate a people from their landscape. To visit one is to visit the other. This makes tourism a kind of natural resource that people living in attractive or unusual landscapes can choose to exploit as they would oil or timber or fertile crop land. But in the case of tourism, the choices and the control are not so completely in their hands. The road brings all who wish to come. Along Route 66 it is clear that people are working hard to exploit the tourist potential of the old route and welcome those who travel it. As we wander off the old road into yet older country, the receptiveness of the people is less clear cut, though their manners certainly never fail. 

May 14, 2019: Winslow to Tuba City. You can’t see everything, we keep telling ourselves, but today there are two things we really want to see, and they are in opposite directions. West along Route 66 itself is Meteor Crater (yes, that’s its name). But from Winslow we want to make a detour off Route 66 to visit Second Mesa, a detour that will continue to the Grand Canyon. So, for the first time on the trip, we decide to simply double back. We head out on Interstate 40 to see the crater and then drive back to Winslow before turning north towards Second Mesa and Tuba City.