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Can Someone Explain Book Trailers To Me?

A friend asked me yesterday if I had thought about doing a book trailer. She even pointed me to a list of the ten most viewed book trailers of all time: https://film-14.com/the-10-most-viewed-book-trailers-of-all-time-updated/

I watched them.

I don’t get it.

It is not that they are not good. They are as slick as any Hollywood movie trailer. There is a reason that the site that created the list is a film site, not a book site. They are all great examples of cinematography and acting. If I was a teenage girl I would totally want to watch those movies.

Avatar, Friend, and Shrink – Three Modes of Reader Intimacy

Which point of view produces the greatest intimacy between the reader and the character? Watching this debate between two writing friends led me to ask what they meant by intimacy. I propose (invoking the liberty of blogging) that there are at least three modes of intimacy between reader and character: avatar, friend, and shrink. There may be more, but these will do for now.

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